The National Honor Society, or NHS, is a ninety-nine-year-old educational organization for high school students.  The program is focused on four pillars; scholarship, service, leadership, and character development.  Our BlueSky students have the opportunity to join this program and reap the incredible benefits that come with it.  Read on for more information on BlueSky’s National Honor Society program. 

NHS Requirements for BlueSky Students 

Students need to meet certain expectations in order to remain in the National Honor Society program. These expectations are set at the national level and include:  

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A written explanation of their experiences with the NHS pillars of service, leadership, and character. 

Once a student is selected based upon their GPA and any other local requirements, they will be invited to submit forms that are then reviewed by a faculty council of five members who use a rubric to score the candidate and make the selections. The high school principal must approve the council’s selections and then students are invited to an induction ceremony, which is required for membership.

Eligibility for NHS 

The National Honor Society is not available for every student at BlueSky.  It’s important to understand if and when you or your student become eligible for the program.  BlueSky students who are full-time and in grades 10-12 are eligible for membership in our chapter. NHS members who transfer to BlueSky from other schools are also eligible as long as they are a full-time student here at BlueSky.

The Benefits of NHS 

There are many great benefits to becoming an NHS member.  For instance, NHS members have exclusive access to college and career readiness resources and leadership development training to prepare for life beyond high school. Scholarships are also available for NHS students to help finance their college education.

Scholarships are a benefit to families and parents. Additionally, a student striving to demonstrate leadership and high character qualities should also demonstrate those qualities at home and hopefully be a role model in the home and their community.

NHS Activities & Expectations 

Students need to meet certain expectations in order to remain in the National Honor Society program, these expectations are set at the national level.  The expectations include: 

  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
  •  Students must plan and carry out service projects and fundraisers that benefit the school and community. 
  • Students must attend chapter meetings, elect and hold officer positions and take part in leadership development training. 

Along with these expectations, the NHS allows students to plan their service projects and fundraisers. The program gives the students opportunities to attend local conferences and state summits. 

The BlueSky NHS Difference

Here at BlueSky, the NHS program is a little different, because we’re a little different.  We are a new chapter for NHS and we’re an online school, so this changes a few things when it comes to our NHS program. Our meetings will be held virtually using web conferencing, which provides students with the benefit of giving them 21st-century global communication skills. Although much of our programming is online, NHS students will have the opportunity to work with each other and share their experiences. Because our members will be located in different communities and regions around the state, their service projects will, therefore, benefit several communities.

To learn more about BlueSky’s National Honor Society, contact us today!