Full-Time Program

Full-Time Program

BlueSky’s full-time program is our most popular program. As an accredited, state approved public charter school, students in grades 7-12 take all courses needed to meet middle school requirements or to earn a high school diploma. This public school option is free to all Minnesota residents under the age of 21.

All full-time students have an assigned support team that includes an advisor, a counselor, and a social worker in addition to their classroom teachers. Our high level of individualized support and flexible scheduling sets us apart from other online programs.

BlueSky currently has a waitlist at all grade levels for the 2019-2020 school year. Please enroll to be placed on the waitlist. Waitlist openings are reviewed weekly.

BlueSky is currently accepting enrollments for the 2020-2021 school year.

Full-Time Enrollment Information

Current Credits

It is extremely important that you do not lose any credits from your current school. It is best to coordinate when you are starting at BlueSky with the terms at your current school. If you are going to be leaving before the end of a term, ask to have a grade assigned for your current classes, and if you are passing, make sure you do not get F’s for withdrawing. Your school should be willing to either assign you a grade, or give you a W for withdraw.


BlueSky will contact your previous school for your transcripts and records. It is important you include the name of all the schools you’ve attended in the last four years in your application.

Your Student Services Advisor

Once you enroll, you will be assigned a Student Services Advisor who will be your primary contact with BlueSky. This will be your “go to” person. Your advisor will follow you through to graduation from BlueSky.

Special Education/Disability Services

BlueSky provides comprehensive disability services. We have a dedicated team of licensed special education staff ready to meet students’ needs in all categorical disability areas and ability levels. Students meet with their case managers in 1:1 or small group online settings and are able to participate in special education courses at their level as needed. We offer a wide variety of support services that include, organizational and time management skills, emotional regulation, academic support, mood regulation (including anxiety and depression management), Deaf/Hard of Hearing, speech, and functional skills. Students with 504 plans and individualized health plans also receive support based on individual needs.


Minnesota has laws and rules regarding school attendance that BlueSky follows. If you enroll at BlueSky, you will be expected to log on and work on a regular basis. Of course, if you become ill or something unexpected arises, you need to notify the school so you are excused. As a student at BlueSky, you are subject to the State of Minnesota truancy statute, which requires you to actively and consistently engage in online learning. BlueSky is required by law to report truancies.

Attendance Policy

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