Everyone has a story. At BlueSky, we want to know your story and become a part of it. Our mission is to partner with you to provide the personalized instruction, individual attention, academic preparation and preparation for life that you need to succeed.

Preparation for Life

“BlueSky definitely has prepared me for life. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have been able to graduate without BlueSky. The teachers are very supportive, they are very involved and they love to help you.”

Better Grades

“My dad enjoys the fact that I get better grades, stay out of trouble. It’s a great experience.”

Awesome Support

“I did not expect that much of a one-on-one communication, an immediate support system. The first week I got emails from every single teacher introducing themselves, so happy to see me. It was awesome. I never had that when I went to school before and I totally wasn’t expecting it at an online school.”

Education to a Higher Degree

“BlueSky has changed my life in a steady, comfortable way. The teachers always lifted my spirits up to a higher degree; they were there for me. They are there because they care and are willing to make a difference in our lives. At BlueSky, nothing gets in the way of achieving your dreams.” — Ashlee

Real-World Oriented

“The classes BlueSky offers are very real-world oriented. My son could see their value because the knowledge could be immediately applied to life. By encouraging, and not threatening, BlueSky teachers and policies made rebellion moot. The issue was simple and the consequences clear and choices were his alone to make.

In the end, my son has begun to learn the most important lesson of all: we, alone, are responsible for the life we create for ourselves. I will always be grateful to BlueSky. Without it, I’m sure my son would not have graduated from high school, and his life would likely have been adversely affected for a long time. Now, when he’s ready, he will be in a position to take the next step on the journey of his own life. You are doing good work in this world!” — Sande

Belonging to Something Good

“I just wanted to let you and the school staff know that after we left conferences last night, my son…said ‘I feel like we have hacked the system, more kids need to know about this online school, it’s so awesome!’   Both of my boys love their teachers, and they are both thriving.  In the brick and mortar schools they were attending they were being bullied by kids and staff…and this is in one of the best districts in the state!  I have watched the light come back into my kids eyes in the last month, their love for learning is coming back, I am convinced online school is the answer to many of the problems with typical schooling.  I had begun to doubt my parenting and my boys ability to achieve academic success.  I felt so lost in the big public school system and my boys felt the same way, Blue Sky has given them new hope that they can achieve anything they put their minds to!  I would say the course work is as hard or harder at BlueSky, but my boys are happily rising to the occasion because they have the freedom to learn in their own style. 

I looked around the room at the Learning Jet field trip and wondered how we could bring this school together to create even more of a community feel…these kids need to know they belong to something good!  …Thank you for all you do!  Keep up the great work!” — Parent

Big Positive Impact

“Thank you for your encouraging emails! I got tears in my eyes just seeing the “you’re awesome” sticker from your message. Crazy, right?? What this tells me is how dismissed my son has been from his education in the past. The staff at BlueSky is having such a positive impact on him. You never know how something so seemingly small will impact your students and their parents. It’s a big deal to us and we appreciate you!” — Molly