Tuition Information

Tuition Enrollment

Although most students that are Minnesota residents can enroll for free in either our full-time or supplemental programs, some students may opt for a tuition enrollment. Our tuition program uses the same high quality online classes and teachers as our non-tuition programs and meets the needs of students who live outside Minnesota, are taking an overload of classes in their home district, are home-schooled, or are over 21 years old.

Tuition Enrollment Information

Tuition Fee

BlueSky’s tuition is $525 per semester course. If you are a Minnesota resident under 21 years old you may qualify to attend our full-time or supplemental program for FREE.

Transcript Reporting

Official transcripts will be reported to the school of your choice upon request.


Diploma Option

Tuition students can earn a diploma if they meet BlueSky’s graduation requirements.



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