Summer Program

Summer Enrollment

BlueSky offers a six-week summer school session for current BlueSky students and a tuition-based option for non-BlueSky students. All summer school courses are “My Pace” courses which are designed for students needing a flexible schedule. These courses feature self-paced and independent work, allowing for students to have an individualized learning experience.

Current BlueSky students will receive a registration email in March to register for summer school courses. Students should work closely with their BlueSky counselor to register for any summer school course that they need to meet BlueSky’s graduation requirements.

Non-BlueSky student summer registration is open. Please select the “Enroll” button to apply for summer school (under school preference you will select BlueSky Online Summer school).

Fees: The cost for summer school is $300 per semester credit.

Dates: Summer school starts June 8th and ends on July 24th.

Summer School Course Offerings: English 1,2,3 and 4, Environmental English, Non Linear Algebra, Geometry, Algebra/Stats II, Precalculus, Earth Science, Biology, Integrated Science I and II, World History, World Geography, American History I and II, American Government, Economics, Health, PE, Spanish I, II and III, Music Appreciation. Course descriptions can be viewed in the High School course catalog.

If you have any questions regarding summer school contact Cathy Parker at cathy.parker@blueskyschool.org or 651-202-2013.

Summer Enrollment Information

Existing BlueSky Students

Students currently enrolled in BlueSky’s full-time program can attend for free. Enrollment space is limited. Currently enrolled students should not complete an enrollment application, and should instead look for a communication from their counselor in March.

Tuition for non BlueSky Students

Students not currently enrolled in BlueSky’s full-time program can attend on a tuition basis. Tuition for the 2020 summer program will be $300/semester course enrollment.

Enroll in BlueSky’s Summer Program