Quick Facts

  • BlueSky Online School was founded in 2000, becoming Minnesota’s first 100% online charter school
  • BlueSky is a free, public school open to Minnesota students in grades 7 – 12
  • The first graduating class in 2005 contained 17 students
  • The BlueSky class of 2019 graduated 124 students
  • Graduating students receive a Minnesota state-approved high school diploma

Unique Model

  • Upon admission, each student is paired with an advisor, a counselor and a social worker. This three-person team works with the student until they graduate, providing continuity and support throughout the student’s education. It also ensures that any special needs the student might have are addressed.
  • Parents receive frequent updates from their student’s teachers. They also can contact their child’s teacher any time for an update on their student’s progress and achievements.
  • Students do their work on a computer via the internet and can access their classes any time, 24/7. Optional field trips and activities also take place.
  • Teachers are professionally trained and state-licensed, use multi-media teaching techniques, and help students plan for education after high school.
  • Teachers communicate regularly with students by telephone, text, email, video conferencing, and other multi-media channels to ensure each student receives the support and guidance they need.

BlueSky Online School Frequently Asked Questions

Is BlueSky a public or a private school? How much does it cost to attend BlueSky?

BlueSky is a public charter school that serves students throughout Minnesota. As a public school, BlueSky is free to all Minnesota residents in grades 7 – 12. There is no enrollment fee or charge to take courses.

What kinds of students enroll at BlueSky?

All kinds! There is no typical BlueSky student. Our students come from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. They have different reasons for needing the flexibility and personalized attention of an online education. Our students include:

• High-achieving students who want to work at their own pace
• Students who are parents
• Students who need to work full-time while going to school
• Student who are athletes and performers who need a flexible schedule for training or rehearsal
• Students who dropped out of school and want to get their diploma
• Students who were previously homeschooled
• Students who have health problems that make it difficult to attend school on a fixed schedule
• Students who simply are not satisfied with traditional schools and are looking for a different option

How much help and support will I get at BlueSky?

At BlueSky, you will receive one-on-one attention unmatched by other Minnesota online high schools and many traditional schools. Your teachers will be in frequent contact with you, via phone, e-mail, text, and other communication methods. They will provide you with one-on-one help and support.

You also will be assigned a three-person team to help you throughout your time at BlueSky. Your advisor will get to know you and your family well, through frequent calls and e-mails. They will monitor and support your academic progress, act as an advocate for you, and keep you informed about deadlines, events, and any BlueSky requirements. Your counselor will help you to plan your time at BlueSky and to prepare for life post-graduation, offering personal and academic support. Your social worker is available to help you with personal and school concerns, can assist you during crises, and can connect you with resources in your community.

What do I need to do to enroll at BlueSky?

You may enroll at BlueSky Online School at any time during the year. You do not need your current school’s permission. However, it is professional courtesy to notify your current school of your plans. In order to save your credits, it is important to coordinate when you leave a school and when you start at BlueSky. Try to make sure you do not receive any F’s because you are leaving. Instead try to get a letter grade for your work. If a letter grade is not possible, you may be able to obtain a “W” for withdraw instead of an F. These are questions to ask your counselor as you prepare to leave.

Can I just take a few courses at BlueSky?

BlueSky Online Charter School, the longest-running, state-approved Minnesota online charter school, is now offering the option for students to take 1-3 online courses while staying enrolled in their home district as part of our supplemental enrollment program.

Course options include core classes and elective classes that meet or exceed state standards. BlueSky’s supplemental program coordinator supports students and works closely with enrolling district counselors.

Other program features include:

  • Courses taught by Minnesota licensed teachers
  • Credits that apply towards high school graduation
  • Fleixibilty with semester or trimester schedules
  • Easy enrollment process
  • Credit recovery (course fee required if student is enrolled full-time at home district)
What are the courses like at BlueSky?

BlueSky‘s curriculum meets all state standards and satisfies all requirements for a Minnesota high school diploma. Our courses are designed by our licensed teachers, who tailor courses to our students’ learning needs. BlueSky students enjoy high-interest, creative classes in the core subject areas. Our students rave about our engaging elective courses that range from classes in photography to cooking classes and music lessons. We even have an interior and architectural design class. Click the ‘Courses’ tab at the top of the page to learn more about our courses.

Can I obtain any college-level credit through BlueSky?

Absolutely! Students who meet certain requirements can enroll in courses at colleges and universities that participate in the state PSEO (post-secondary enrollment options) program. They earn both BlueSky credit and college credit for the courses they take through the program.

Will the credits I've earned at other high schools count towards my diploma?

When you enroll, credits from any schools you’ve previousy attended will usually transfer to BlueSky and count toward your diploma. Upon admission, BlueSky will contact the school last attended and request a copy of your most recent transcript. Any credits that apply toward BlueSky’s graduation requirements will be applied to your BlueSky student record. In most cases, all credits earned from other schools will transfer.

How long will it take me to finish high school?

The amount of time it takes a student to finish high school depends on several factors. The number of credits already earned at other schools is an important component in determining an estimated graduation date. Some students may need time to adjust to online learning and their pace advances as they become more comfortable with online instruction. Many students balance work, school, and personal obligations; these can affect a student’s pace, as well.

Students are assigned six classes per semester. If they pass all of the classes, they move forward on time. If they drop a class or fail to meet a passing percentage, that affects their graduation date.

With the help of your advisor, you will develop a learning plan and study schedule. Students who follow their plan and allow enough time for school work move through the coursework on an expected timeline. Others may take longer to reach the same goal. BlueSky staff will support you as your work toward your diploma, no matter how quickly you complete your requirements or how long it takes you!