Technical Requirements

It is very important that you have a high-speed Internet connection and are not using dial-up. If you are unsure of whether or not you have high speed or dial-up then please contact your Internet provider and ask them. You may also visit and run a test yourself. If your download speed is less than 5 mbp/s and your upload speed is less than 1.5 mbp/s then you may have difficulties viewing our class materials.

BlueSky School requires all students to have a Windows or Mac computer or laptop to complete school work. Devices that are not supported as primary devices include Chromebooks, Android, iPads, Fire tablets and mobile devices. If you have any questions about suitable devices, please contact our school office at (651) 642 0888 or use our Help Desk at: and your inquiry will be directed to our technical support staff.


Cookies are enabled
Pop-ups are enabled
Chrome 70.0 or later (Win & Mac)
Firefox 65.0 or later (Win & Mac)
Safari 6.0-9.1 (Mac)


USB or built-in video camera
USB headset
mouse/track pad

Microsoft Windows

Windows 10
Version 10.0
Ram – 8 GB recommended
1280 x 1024


OS X (Mavericks or later)
Version 10.9
Ram – 8 GB recommended
1280 x 1024

Not Supported

Apple IOS

Device Check

School Testing Browser Check

Speed Check