Supplemental Program

Supplemental Program

BlueSky invites students from across the state of Minnesota to take 1 – 3 course(s) online while staying enrolled in their home district. Course options include core subjects and elective courses that meet or exceed state standards. BlueSky offers a high level of support to our supplemental students and works closely with enrolling districts and parents, keeping everyone in the loop regarding student progress. All courses are taught by Minnesota licensed full-time online teachers, and can be adjusted for semester or trimester schedules.

BlueSky’s Supplemental Program is full for Semester 2, but we are now accepting applications and registering students for the 2020-2021 school year.

Supplemental Enrollment Information

Can any student take classes at BlueSky Online?

If you attend a Minnesota public middle or high school, you are eligible to take up to 50% of your classes at an approved supplemental school, and BlueSky Online is one of these schools.

What if my high school uses another online school?

Your high school may have a specific online school to which they refer students. Students and parents/guardians, however, have the freedom to select the supplemental program that fits best.

Can students who are home-schooled or attend a private school take online courses at BlueSky?

Yes, they can! However, this would not be the supplemental option but a tuition-based option. The state of Minnesota only reimburses for those students who are currently attending a public Minnesota school. As a result, students would need to pay per semester course. Look at our Tuition Page to find our current rate.

What does it take to be a successful supplemental student?

It takes a lot of independence, self-motivation, self-advocacy, and persistence. BlueSky is here to encourage you along the way, and we will, but success boils down to the student. It is important for the student to have the discipline to sit down each day and make progress.

How should I incorporate my online courses into my life?

Students are encouraged to make their online course(s) a part of their daily routine. If assignments are completed before the end of the week, then you have earned some deserved time off. If you’re feeling extra motivated, you can work ahead.

Do I have to login and work a certain amount of time every day?

We track your engagement by the number of assignments you complete each week. Exactly when you complete those assignments is entirely up to you. Ideally, you’ll incorporate your online course(s) into your daily routine. However, it is possible for you to finish your assignments early in the week and be done. This is one of the perks of online learning – the flexibility.

How do I know what to complete each week?

Our systems provide you with a dashboard that outlines your progress in each course. It tells you the number of assignments you should complete in each course each week.

Where should I work on my online courses?

If you have time during the school day, ask to see if it’s possible to find a quiet place to study. If you are working on your courses at home, choose your work space wisely. Make sure it’s a location where you can focus and avoid interruptions.

How does registration work?

First, submit an online application through our website. Once that is complete, someone from our team will contact you to find out who your brick and mortar counselor is, and which online course(s) you’d like to take. BlueSky will then reach out to your school, establish the connection, and send out the appropriate paperwork.

How do I learn how to use BlueSky’s systems?

Before you are added to your online courses, we place you in an online orientation course. The orientation will prepare you for what you need to know, so that when you get access to your courses, you can hit the ground running.

Is there a registration deadline?

We register students up until one month before the end of each semester or until our program fills.

Can I complete a course before the end of the semester?

If you are in a My Pace course, you have the freedom and flexibility to work through the course as quickly as you’d like. We just ask that you at least complete the expected amount highlighted in your dashboard each week.

Our Group Pace courses are a bit more structured. You’ll follow-along with your class and be working on the same assignments each week with added guidance from your teacher. As a supplemental student you, most likely, will not be able to attend the scheduled weekly classroom online sessions. No worries. You will be able to watch the class recording after the session and follow-up with some sort of assignment your teacher will have laid out for you.

What happens when I complete a course?

BlueSky will send a transcript with your course grade(s) to your counselor or registrar at your school.

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