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The key to BlueSky’s success is our unique approach to student support. BlueSky offers Minnesota students in grades 7-12 a world-class online education backed by unsurpassed resources and individualized attention.


Here at BlueSky, we believe that every student deserves to learn in a way that is customized to their unique needs. BlueSky works alongside students, parents, and staff in order to design a program that works best for every student’s individual learning style while adhering to state education requirements.


The key to BlueSky’s success is our unique approach to student support. We offer students a world-class online education backed by unsurpassed resources and individualized attention. Our success as a school is contingent upon the success of our students, so we strive to give each and every BlueSky student the tools they need in order to feel supported and be successful.


A pioneer in distance learning, BlueSky is Minnesota’s most established online public charter school. Since 2000, BlueSky has provided a free, high- quality online curriculum to Minnesota students in grades 7 to 12. We are proud to be one of Minnesota’s first virtual schools offering world-class education to students from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

BlueSky Stars

The BlueSky Advisors recognize these students for their hard work and dedication.

Luke P

Grade 10

Luke P is a shining example of a BlueSky Star because he is a wonderful student AND a wonderful human being! Luke is new to BlueSky and online learning as he started with us this year. But he quickly adapted and has fully embraced the online learning culture. He works hard daily in his courses and puts forth much effort! He is also very communicative with his advisor and teachers on both an academic and personal level. Luke is motivated, organized, dedicated, and driven to succeed! And personally, he is incredibly kind and outgoing!! He is positive, happy, and appreciative. Luke is a model student and young man who I am grateful to work with each week!

-Nominated by Danielle Fackler

Zach B

Grade 11

Zach B is a great example of everything we look for in a BlueSky student. An 11th grader, Zach has shown a willingness to communicate and collaborate with his peers, his teachers, and myself (his advisor). Between attending school trips such as the Learning Jet to his nearly perfect attendance record, Zach’s academic commitment and consistency has been nothing short of amazing. He credits his success to being able to eat freely, the guidance from his mother, and the otherwise flexible scheduling that BlueSky offers.

Outside of school Zach enjoys exploring his creative side through listening to records, assembling elaborate LEGO sets, and drawing. He also enjoys spending time with his new mini Australian Shepherd Poodle mix puppy, Poppi. While both hard work and dedication are evident in his academic efforts, it is his kindness and overall positive attitude that shines through the most in our conversations. Thank you Zach for being a great advisee and a BlueSky Star!

-Nominated by Kyle Felder

Kaylie S

Grade 12

I feel so fortunate to be Kaylie S’s advisor. She is graduating early (January) so I am sad that I will not be working with her anymore, but glad she is moving on towards her future goals. She works hard at her job and in her family businesses so being in the online environment is helpful by providing the flexibility that she needs.

When asked to share about what she likes about BlueSky and how she stays successful in her classes, she replied: “1. My favorite thing about being a student at Blue Sky is that it allows a super flexible schedule. It helps me to be able to focus on both work, school and family life. 2. What has helped me to do so well at BlueSky is that I can go at my own pace as well as go ahead. I tend to work at a really fast pace so it allows for me to consistently do that. My advisor has also helped immensely throughout my many years at BlueSky!” Thanks for being my BlueSky Star, Kaylie!

-Nominated by Dawn Nicol

Kiley S

Grade 12

I am nominating Kiley S for the BlueSky Star award. Kiley is a Senior and this is her first year with BlueSky. Kiley chose BlueSky, because she liked having the flexibility that is offered and the different options for classes. She really enjoys being a student at BlueSky, because everyone is so welcoming and caring. Kiley has shown that she is an extremely hard worker and stays on top of her to-do list each and every week. Kiley’s advice for how to be successful at BlueSky is to have a good work ethic. Even when school is difficult, try your best and know that you put in all of your effort. Outside of school, Kiley enjoys working and hanging out with her friends. She loves to go shopping and listening to music.

-Nominated by Sean Miller

Carly M

Grade 10

“Carly M hit the ground running when she first enrolled in March 2019. She has fantastic self-discipline and motivation, always meets her to-do number, and has perfect attendance this year. Sometimes she even works ahead, completing as many as 40 assignments or more in a week, and earning As and Bs in her classes. Carly decided to come to BlueSky after her older sister, also a student, told her about what a good school it is. Carly loves being able to work at her own pace. She particularly loves studying history, and hopes to be a chef or baker after high school.”

— nominated by Karen Kraco

Danny G

Grade 12

“I am nominating Danny G for the BlueSky Star Student because he is a great example of a wonderful student AND a wonderful young man. Danny works hard on all of his assignments and puts forth much effort in everything he sets his mind to. He is also communicative with his teachers and advisor on both an academic and personal level. Danny is very motivated, organized, dedicated, and driven to succeed in school and life! Danny is a very busy guy but always puts his family first and works hard for them. Danny is a model student who I am grateful to work with each week and excited to see graduate this Spring!”

— nominated by Danielle Fackler

Calvin C

Grade 11

“I am nominating Calvin C to be a BlueSky star featured this month because since beginning at BlueSky he has done outstanding schoolwork and still maintained his demanding snowmobile and car racing schedule. Doing online school allows Calvin to work at a pace where he is able to finish studies and school work, and then be able to work in the Race shop on his race sled and make practices that are held on Thursdays and Friday Race Days. The stress of missing school and finding the time to catch up is no longer an issue for him. He has shown his ability to manage both a demanding racing schedule and rigorous course load time and again and really shines as a BlueSky student.”

— nominated by Laura Welciek


BlueSky Online School’s curriculum, instruction and assessment practices, along its governance and leadership is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.
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