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BlueSky Stars

The BlueSky Advisors recognize these students for their hard work and dedication.

Stella M

Grade 9

“Stella Miller, a ninth-grader, hit the ground running when she became a BlueSky student this fall. She has perfect attendance, consistently completing all of her assignments each week with excellent grades. She really relishes the peace and quiet of working on her own. Stella “has a passion for literature and loves to read,” says her Honors English teacher Amee Wittbrodt. Stella especially enjoys reading fantasy novels and occasionally write fantasy stories, too. She’s also into drawing, Marvel superhero movies, and playing video games. I am lucky to have her as an advisee – I always enjoy our check-in chats! “

— nominated by Karen Kraco

MacCayle K

Grade 8

“MacCayle Kobluk is an eighth grader at BlueSky. She is an excellent student, one tip she shared with me for her success at BlueSky is “I write down my to do list the night before for the next day.” It helps keep her organized and on track. MacCayle came to BlueSky this year so she could devote more time to showing her horses, rabbits, and dogs with 4H. She has won several awards and ribbons for showing her animals. She loves to horseback ride and is considering a career in Veterinary medicine in the future. MacCayle enjoys spending time with her family and all of the animals they have. This fall it was really great to get pictures from her of her showing horses. I am fortunate to have her as a student.”

— nominated by Dawn Mensing

Mickey W

Grade 11

“Mickey started at BlueSky last January and has found a lot of success here. Mickey loves being able to make her own schedule and work on school when she wants to, instead of a scheduled time. Mickey works hard each week to be successful at BlueSky. She does a great job of communicating with her advisors and her teachers when she needs help. Mickey’s biggest piece of advice for BlueSky students is to make sure you don’t procrastinate, because it is easy to fall behind. Outside of school, Mickey likes to hang out with her friends for fun and go shopping.”

— nominated by Sean Miller

Kaitlynn M

Grade 11

“Kaitlynn is a hard-working 11th grader who is in her third year with BlueSky and continues to grow and improve each year. She is great at communicating with staff, is staying on top of her assignments, and she maintains a very busy schedule outside of school. Kaitlynn has big plans for her future and I have no doubt she will reach them! Right now she runs a pet care business and works part-time in sales where she is the top sales associate. Her future plans include moving to the West Coast to be a realtor and do photography. In her free time, you can find her hiking or jogging with her dog Lucy or building things. When asked what she enjoys about BlueSky she replied, “I get to work at my own pace in the comfort of my home or a local coffee shop. It’s given me much more time to explore more of the city and become more of my own person. Doing school online kind of in a way forces you to make random connections with people on your own time rather than choosing that “clique” at your high school. It’s a breath of fresh air in a way since you become more independent.”

— nominated by Jen Anderson

Corby F

Grade 11

“Corby Frobenius is a hardworking 11th grade student who consistently does excellent work in his courses. He came to BlueSky two and a half years ago as he was finishing middle school and was interested in switching to online school. His suggestion for other BlueSky students to find success is to have a schedule and wake up as early as possible to be productive. When Corby isn’t working on schoolwork he enjoys streaming on twitch and playing with his cats.”

— nominated by Laura Welciek

Gage E

Grade 11

“Gage Enzenauer, an 11th grader, started at BlueSky in September and he hit the ground running. Gage joined the BlueSky family so he could have a flexible work and school schedule. In addition to being full-time at BlueSky, Gage works about thirty hours a week. He is very driven to succeed and sets goals for himself each Monday. He decides how many assignments he will complete each day based on each week’s todo list and his work schedule. He’s usually done with his school work each day by 2pm and it is clear he excels at time management. Gage is interested in pursuing some sort of mechanical training and is also interesting in becoming a heavy equipment operator.”

— nominated by Carrie Ostman


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