BlueSky will provide you with an extraordinary education – your way – leading to a high school diploma. Access your classes and assignments anytime, from anywhere, and know you have the support you need to succeed. At BlueSky, the sky is the limit!


As an accredited, free, state approved public charter school, Minnesota students in grades 7-12 take all courses needed to meet middle school requirements or to earn a high school diploma.


BlueSky invites students from across the state of Minnesota to take 1 – 3 course(s) online while staying enrolled in their home district.

Tuition Information

Although most students that are Minnesota residents can enroll for free in either our full-time or supplemental programs, some students may opt for a tuition enrollment.


BlueSky offers a six-week summer school session for current BlueSky students and a tuition-based option for non-BlueSky students.

Enrollment Information

Technical Requirements

Please visit our Technical Requirements page for details.

Statement of Admission Policies and Procedures

BlueSky does not limit admission to any type of student as outlined in MN Statute 124D.10 subd. 9. We currently have budgeted for 510 ADM and are staffed to accommodate this number of students on average throughout the year. BlueSky’s enrollment lottery policy will go into effect if/when our student capacity is reached.

All students are enrolled through our online application. Staff are available to help families through the enrollment process if necessary. The enrollment application complies with state law and has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Education. Students fill out a two part enrollment form and submit it electronically. The form is received by BlueSky staff who assign a counselor, student services advisor, and social worker to the new student. The student and their parent(s) or guardian(s) are contacted by a counselor who gathers academic history, obtains necessary permissions, and enrolls them in classes.

The school will provide a lottery when more students apply for admission than can be accommodated in a program, class, grade level, or building and will comply with MN Statute 124D.10 subd. 9.

Click HERE to view BlueSky’s enrollment lottery process.

NCAA Eligibility

Students interested in playing NCAA sports should ensure they are taking courses that meet NCAA requirements. Courses can be reviewed in the NCAA high school portal at: https://web3.ncaa.org/hsportal/exec/hsAction?hsActionSubmit=searchHighSchool. Use ACT code 242228 to view BlueSky’s courses. At this point, only the Group Pace version of courses meet NCAA eligibility requirements.