BlueSky will provide you with an extraordinary education – your way – leading to a high school diploma. Access your classes and assignments anytime, from anywhere, and know you have the support you need to succeed. At BlueSky, the sky is the limit!

Enrollment Options

BlueSky has two enrollment options for students: full-time and supplemental school.

Full-time Program

This option is for students who want all of their courses to be online.

There is currently a waitlist for all grades for the 2019-2020 school year. Please apply to be placed on the waitlist.

Supplemental Program

This option is for students who want to take 1–3 online courses while staying enrolled in their home district.

BlueSky’s Supplemental Program is full for Semester 1 but is accepting applications for Semester 2 of the 2019-2020 school year.

Enrollment Information

Out of State Tuition

BlueSky Online School is free to all residents of Minnesota. Non-residents must pay tuition fees of approximately $525 per semester-long course.

Technical Requirements

It is very important that you have a high-speed Internet connection and are not using dial-up. If you are unsure of whether or not you have high speed or dial-up then please contact your Internet provider and ask them. You may also visit http://www.speedtest.net and run a test yourself. If your download speed is less than 5 mbp/s and your upload speed is less than 1.5 mbp/s then you may have difficulties viewing our class materials. 

BlueSky School requires all students to have a Windows or Mac computer or laptop to complete school work. Devices that are not supported as primary devices include Chromebooks, Android, iPads, Fire tablets and mobile devices. If you have any questions about suitable devices, please contact our school office at 651.642.0888 or use our Help Desk at: https://bso.mojohelpdesk.com/ and your inquiry will be directed to our technical support staff.


  • Cookies are enabled
  • Pop-ups are enabled
  • Chrome 70.0 or later (Win & Mac)
  • Firefox 65.0 or later (Win & Mac)
  • Safari 6.0-9.1 (Mac)


  • USB or built-in Video Camera
  • USB Headset


  • Microsoft Windows
  • Windows 10
  • Version 10.0
  • Ram 8 GB
  • 1280 x 1024


  • OS X (Mavericks or later)
  • Version 10.9
  • Ram 8 GB
  • 1280 x 1024

Apple IOS:

  • Not Supported


  • Not Supported


  • Not Supported


  • Not Supported
Current Credits

It is extremely important that you do not lose any credits from your current school. It is best to coordinate when you are starting at BlueSky with the terms at your current school. If you are going to be leaving before the end of a term, ask to have a grade assigned for your current classes, and if you are passing, make sure you do not get F’s for withdrawing. Your school should be willing to either assign you a grade, or give you a W for withdraw.


Minnesota has laws and rules regarding school attendance that BlueSky follows. If you enroll at BlueSky, you will be expected to log on and work on a regular basis. Of course, if you become ill or something unexpected arises, you need to notify the school so you are excused. As a student at BlueSky, you are subject to the State of Minnesota truancy statute, which requires you to actively and consistently engage in online learning. BlueSky is required by law to report truancies.

Attendance Policy

Your Student Services Advisor
Once you enroll, you will be assigned a Student Services Advisor who will be your primary contact with BlueSky This will be your “go to” person. Your advisor will follow you through to graduation from BlueSky.
BlueSky will contact your previous school for your transcripts and records. It is important you include the name of all the schools you’ve attended in the last four years in your application.
Statement of Admission Policies and Procedures

BlueSky does not limit admission to any type of student as outlined in MN Statute 124D.10 subd. 9. We currently have budgeted for 510 ADM and are staffed to accommodate this number of students on average throughout the year. BlueSky’s enrollment lottery policy will go into effect if/when our student capacity is reached.

All students are enrolled through our online application. Staff is available to help families through the enrollment process if necessary. The enrollment application complies with state law and has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Education. Students fill out a two part enrollment form and submit it electronically. The form is received by BlueSky staff who assigns a counselor, student services advisor, and social worker to the new student. The student and their parent(s) or guardian(s) are contacted by a counselor who gathers academic history, obtains necessary permissions, and enrolls them in classes.

The school will provide a lottery when more students apply for admission than can be accommodated in a program, class, grade level, or building and will comply with MN Statute 124D.10 subd. 9.

Click HERE to view BlueSky’s enrollment lottery process.

NCAA Eligibility

Students interested in playing NCAA sports should ensure they are taking courses that meet NCAA requirements. Courses can be reviewed in the NCAA high school portal at: https://web3.ncaa.org/hsportal/exec/hsAction?hsActionSubmit=searchHighSchool. Use ACT code 242228 to view BlueSky’s courses. At this point, only the Group Pace version of courses meet NCAA eligibility requirements.

Inside BlueSky

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