Here at BlueSky, our goal is to help all kinds of learners at every level.  We are committed to providing high quality, flexible education offerings for our students. Part of that commitment means having two kinds of online education programs.  We refer to them as full-time and supplemental programs. This can be a little confusing for some families coming to BlueSky for the first time, so we wanted to give you some insight into what these programs offer and perhaps help you to determine if they could be right for you or your child.


Our full-time program is just as it sounds. It is a fully online-based schooling program. We offer this program for students in grades 7-12. This means that all courses are virtual and students have the flexibility to take their classes at either a group-pace, where the class is offered at a set time and all students in the class are logged in at once.  Or, we have the option of an individual-pace course offering where students can take their classes when they are able. We offer these so that students can both feel like they are part of a group and have a bit of structure, and to adhere to difficult student schedules.

BlueSky provides each student with personalized education and support unmatched in the current online schooling industry.  

Who would benefit from a full-time program?

This kind of flexible and personalized education benefits both students and their families looking for an alternative form of education.  Students who get distracted by the pace and social aspects of traditional school typically find that an online alternative suits them well. For families that travel often, starting at different schools can prove difficult, a full-time online program can ease the anxieties of having to “start over” at a new school.  If you’re curious about a full-time program, we’d be happy to give you more information!


Our supplemental programs are offered as an addition to other forms of education whether that be traditional or other kinds of courses. Often students take between 1 and 3 courses to supplement their current school classes. These courses are offered for grades 7-12 and are offered every semester.  This provides students with the opportunity to take some classes at a traditional brick-and-mortar school while also taking advantage of the flexibility and personalized attention of an online school.

Who would benefit from a supplemental program?

Students that enroll in the BlueSky supplemental program are typically those who have complicated schedules or are busy with extracurriculars and need the flexibility to accommodate for their commitments. This program is great for students who are currently enrolled in traditional school but need additional courses to meet graduation requirements.
All of our programs are truly wonderful and can be a great way to get an education in a nontraditional way. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us or visit our FAQ page!