PSEO or Post-Secondary Enrollment Options is a popular program offered by many high schools both virtual and traditional.  Our PSEO program allows BlueSky High School students to take courses at post-secondary schools for college credit. Colleges and universities all over the state offer PSEO courses to high school students looking for a challenge and some free college credits.  Taking a PSEO course enables you to earn both high school and college credit. This gives you an advantage when you go on to pursue higher education as you will gain valuable experience and get to enroll in the course for free! 

What Are the Benefits Of PSEO? 

PSEO has many benefits for students that are planning on pursuing higher education. Earning college credit while still pursuing your high school education allows you to gain familiarity with college-level courses that can provide invaluable experience.

Additional benefits to PSEO courses include a range of subjects offered beyond the high school curriculum. A variety of post-secondary schools offer PSEO courses, from local community colleges to private universities. For students that are successful in an online high school, college courses may be available online.

Lastly, enrolling in a PSEO course also gives you a chance to engage with a new and diverse group, beyond your high school classmates giving you some experience with different social situations. This can be a fun and encouraging experience for many students.  

What Should I Know Before Enrolling in PSEO?

While the benefits of enrolling in a PSEO course are certainly positive, there are a few things you should know.

These are real college courses and come with the responsibility and difficulty of higher education. PSEO classes will most likely be more challenging than your high school classes and may require more study time. It’s important to consider your schedule and whether this is the right time to enroll in a PSEO course.

Additionally, as it is very much a part of online school, there is a degree of self-direction and self-motivation required. There are no attendance reports, and grades will not be sent to your parents. Therefore, it is entirely on you to take the course seriously and to be responsible for your performance. 

And, if the course is not offered online, you must arrange reliable transportation to and from your PSEO class. Transportation is not provided for students. 

Do I Qualify for PSEO? 

You must meet the admissions requirements of the college or university offering the PSEO. There are also high school requirements that must be met. 

For 10th-grade students to qualify, a passing grade on the 8th-grade MCA reading test is required. Or a passing grade on a substitute test sent by the college.

There may also be additional qualifications, depending on the school offering the PSEO course.

Check the school’s website for more information. To get more information on qualifications, contact us here at BlueSky

How Do I Apply?

 To get started, first set up a meeting with your BlueSky high school counselor. They can help you determine what is needed for the application and whether you meet the criteria. 

Additionally, you should check the admissions website of the college or university offering the course for other requirements. 

Another helpful resource is the MN Department of Education PSEO website. 

Good Luck!