Online education is a great alternative to classroom-based learning, but it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. A growing number of students have discovered that online learning can be a great way to supplement a traditional educational experience.

BlueSky offers two ways to learn: a full-time option where students attend all classes online and a supplemental program. With the supplemental option, students enroll in one to three classes online, getting the majority of their education in a traditional classroom environment. Here are a few things to know about BlueSky’s online supplemental education.

Who Can Benefit from Supplemental Learning?

Students that enroll in the BlueSky supplemental program are typically those who have complicated schedules or are busy with extracurriculars and need the flexibility to accommodate their commitments. This program is great for students who are currently enrolled in traditional school but need additional courses to meet graduation requirements.

There are many reasons why students may choose to sign up for an abbreviated school day and take online classes to get the credits necessary to graduate. The best thing about online school is that you can do your classwork on your own schedule. But many students opt for online learning to supplement their traditional school schedule. 

Setting Up Your Learning Experience

Whether a student chooses full-time or supplemental learning, the BlueSky education experience is completely customized. For supplemental students, that means taking a look at your existing graduation plan and class schedule and choosing the courses that will help you reach your goals. Our classes are group or self-paced, so you can make sure you grasp one section before moving on to the next. Best of all, you’ll have one-on-one contact with your instructor, which means you can ask questions at any time.

What Courses Can Students Take?

BlueSky’s state-approved programs are led by teachers who are licensed by the state of Minnesota. You’ll remain enrolled in your current school district, with each course you take applying toward your graduation. You can take both core classes and electives, and every class meets or exceeds state standards. This means you can rest assured that the classes you take offer the same credits you’d get if you sat in a classroom every day.

Your Coaching Team

Once you enroll, BlueSky will assign you an advisor, counselor, and social worker who will stay by your side throughout the time you’re enrolled. For parents, this coaching team serves as a valuable resource, ensuring regular updates on progress. If you or your parents have questions at any time, you can reach out to this support team. 

Whether you’re interested in online learning full-time or as a supplement to your classroom-based education, there’s a plan that can help. Click here to learn more about your enrollment options and requirements for admissions today.