The traditional classroom isn’t for everyone. In fact, an increasing number of parents are choosing alternatives to traditional learning. For Minnesota students, online middle school provides the same education you’d get in the classroom with the many benefits that come from online learning.

If you’ve never explored online school, you probably have a few questions. This guide will help walk you through what to expect.

How Online Middle School Works

Although students are expected to stick to a schedule, online middle school offers much more flexibility than you’ll get with a non-virtual public school. With BlueSky Middle School, students attend daily live scheduled classes Monday through Thursday, then they are on their own to complete their assigned work. They’ll also be expected to respond to communications within 24 hours and, if necessary, attend live support sessions with teachers or BlueSky support team members.

In addition to assigned live sessions, students will also have deadlines for turning in their work. Your student will have work due in each subject matter every weekday, with some work given weekly deadlines of Saturday at 11:59 p.m. You’ll need to make sure your student has a dedicated computer, access to high-speed internet, and standard school supplies before the semester begins.

Online Course Offerings

With BlueSky, students can attend online middle school full-time or opt to supplement their classroom learning with online courses. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be offered the same selection of state-approved and accredited courses you’ll get in one of Minnesota’s online schools. Courses like language arts, math, science, social studies, health and wellness, and art are all offered.

BlueSky has an impressive staff of highly-qualified teachers and advisors. Teachers are licensed by the State of Minnesota and bring a wealth of experience. Unlike traditional learning, the virtual environment promotes personalizing each student’s learning experience, which means your student will get the support necessary to be successful through middle and high school.

Resources for Parents

Traditional learning can tend to leave parents out of the equation, as children go through their struggles outside of the home. Virtual learning allows parents to be involved in the process, but BlueSky takes it a step further, making sure parents can communicate with faculty at any time. Parents are invited to help plan their student’s week using the provided academic snapshot and classroom dashboard, which are the same tools students use. This helps you be as involved as you prefer.

BlueSky has a page of resources for parents, including tutorials and guides to dealing with common issues. Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to teachers and staff anytime they need assistance. There is also a student/parent handbook that outlines the school’s policies, as well as what the school expects from its students.

An online middle school can help young students get a top-quality education without all the distractions that come with a traditional classroom. Attending school virtually also gives your family a flexibility you can’t achieve with a classroom setup, including allowing you to travel or enjoy family time without confining it to nights and weekends.