Amy Larsen

by | December 14, 2018

Phone Number

(651) 202-2010

My Hometown
Byron, MN

My Role at BlueSky
Superintendent/Executive Director

How I Came to BlueSky
Before becoming a teacher, I worked at Mayo Clinic as a radiologic technologist with an intent to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant. After getting my microbiology degree, however, my plans changed. Instead of staying in the medical field, I worked as an Environmental Health Specialist (health inspector) for Olmsted County and inspected restaurants, pools, hotels, and campgrounds. I realized this job was not for me and went back to school, again, to get my teaching license in the area of Biology and general science. This brought me to BlueSky where I taught Biology and other science courses before getting my Principal and Superintendent licenses. I am now working as the Superintendent for BlueSky and have had many incredible experiences and met many passionate educators along the way!

What Makes BlueSky Special to Me
I love working at BlueSky! Every day brings something new and exciting. The staff and students are so creative and intelligent and are always coming up with solutions to educational challenges by working collaboratively. They are never afraid to try something new - and if it doesn’t work, they try something else. The compassionate and innovative environment at BlueSky is something I am incredibly grateful to be a part of!

My Passions and Hobbies
Golf, tennis, camping, kayaking, snowmobiling, reading, cooking, traveling, Vikings football, 80’s hair bands

My Most Memorable Experience at BlueSky
I have had so many experiences at BlueSky; some stressful, some empowering, some humbling, some fulfilling, and some exciting and fun. It is hard to choose just one memorable experience so I would have to say graduation ceremonies rank at the top. Seeing students face to face (sometimes for the first time), watching how proud they are when they cross the stage, and getting to meet their families is always motivating and memorable. Second on my list would be our August staff meetings. Prior to the start of each school year, the BlueSky staff get together for a two to three day retreat to prepare for the new school year. We have so much fun together and the positive, intense energy that is brought to these trainings provides an excellent environment for collaboration. One year, during a team building activity, we got to see principal Dan Ondich get wet while attempting to test some of the cardboard boats that were built!


  • Saint Mary’s University (Principal & Superintendent Licensures)
  • The College of St. Scholastica (Teaching Licensure & Master’s in Education)
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (B.S. Microbiology)
  • Riverland Community College (A.A.S. Radiologic Technology)