Transitioning from Homeschool to Online School

There are many reasons why parents may decide to make the switch from a full home school experience to an online education.

For some, the expense and/or time-commitment involved may have become too much, moving well beyond what their initial expectations may have been. Household needs and circumstances may have changed with one or both parents changing jobs or moving back into the workforce.

Others may be looking to assimilate back into a traditional school setting, but without the shock to the system that comes from a hard transition. For these students, online school can provide a more structured middle ground between homeschooling and returning to a brick-and-mortar campus, allowing a gradual and more comfortable transition experience.

No matter what your reason(s) for making the move away from a strictly parent-led homeschooling experience to an online learning institution, there are plenty of benefits to be had.

Families who’ve made the move, often note:

  • Online is a great option for homeschoolers who are already accustomed to the flexibility and independence non-traditional learning experiences can provide.
  • It leaves time for students to pursue a more concentrated focus on other high-interest endeavors, such as art, music, and sports, at a higher level of competency.
  • The learning pace is customized and set to match the student’s own daily rhythms, schedule, preferences, and abilities.
  • It saves on parental sanity‰ÛÓreducing the need for researching, purchasing, lesson planning and teaching.
  • Online curricula are offered for advanced subjects and studies.

For most homeschoolers, making the transition to an online school can be a fairly smooth and easy one. This is because both their home-based studies and an online curriculum at a virtual school like BlueSky, take into consideration the students’ own unique learning style, life circumstances, and family situation, fostering a students’ success by creating an individualized plan that meets the specific needs of the student and their family.

“I am a very social person but I didn’t really want to go full public yet and so I was trying to find some transition. It’s very easy to work at my own pace any time I want and so that makes…and all the teachers are very easy to contact if I need help and stuff. And it’s just very simple.”

If you’d like to learn more about transitioning from homeschooling to an online school or have any questions about BlueSky Online School ‰ÛÓone of Minnesota’s first virtual schools for grades 7-12, contact us‰ÛÓat 651-642-0888 or or visit our contact us page.