Tweens and teens are full of energy and ready to explore and have fun by the time summer arrives. Here in Minnesota, summer is the best time of year. No need for heavy coats or to stay inside for fear of frostbite.  It’s time to get outside and have fun! But for parents, it can be a bit of a stressor knowing your child is either home alone or bored and possibly getting into trouble.

We live in a beautiful place with great opportunities for kids and teens to both have fun, and experience new things! Here are a few ideas for activities for your middle schooler this summer.

Day Camps

The best thing about Minnesota in the summertime is that we get to spend time outdoors in our beautiful landscape. Organizations like the YMCA offer great options for day camps for kids ranging from soccer camp to swim school, to art camps. These are great opportunities for kids to both utilize their time in a productive way, and also find out what they’re interested in.  These camps can cultivate long-term friendships and even long-lasting passions or hobbies.

Music or Sports Lessons

If you’re local to the twin cities, the community education programs offered here are great for middle schoolers. Your child can explore their community in a safe and educational way, learn a musical instrument, or even get ahead on next years curriculum by enrolling in an educational program.


There are some great lessons to be learned and memorable experiences to be had when volunteering as a young person. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity provide opportunities for youth to get involved in their organization and many even have volunteer outings specifically created for younger demographics. Your child will learn new skills and gain a broader view of the world through volunteering.

Planned Group Activities

You’re not alone in your search for activities for your middle schooler this summer. There’s a good chance that the other families in your neighborhood are seeking the same opportunities. Use this to your advantage by communicating with your neighbors and coordinating group activities when a couple of adults are available to chaperone.

We all want to feel that our children are safe and happy this summer, so use these tips or do a bit of research to see what kind of activities are available near you!