Molly Kinnamon

by | December 19, 2018

Phone Number

(651) 202-2066

My Hometown
Taylors Falls, MN

How I Came to BlueSky
I had heard wonderful things about BlueSky from employees, and a former BlueSky student. I wanted to be a part of this wonderful school.

What Makes BlueSky Special to Me
BlueSky is special because teachers are able to give each student the individual help that they need. Working with and getting to know students is my favorite part of being a teacher, at BlueSky we get to know each student’s individual needs and help them achieve their goals.

My Passions and Hobbies
I enjoy working with animal rescues, advocating for animals, spending time with my family, hiking with my husband and dogs, reading, and watching Sandra Bullock movies.

My Most Memorable Experience at BlueSky
I am still new to BlueSky, I just started this year (18-19), so I am not sure that I have a most memorable experience. However, I really enjoy the live sessions I get to teach each week!

I received a bachelor’s degree in communication arts and literature from St. Cloud State University.
I am currently working toward a master’s degree in education at Concordia University, St. Paul.