Karen Kraco

by | December 14, 2018

Phone Number

(651) 202-2056

My Hometown

Grew up in Chicago, spent 15 years in Boston, currently live in Minneapolis

How I Came to BlueSky

After about 20 years of classroom teaching, I wanted the opportunity to work more closely and individually with students than the traditional classroom allows.

What Makes BlueSky Special to Me

Our students and staff. I've never worked with a more dedicated, compassionate staff, and I love the chance to work with students one on one, and individualize my attention to them.

My Passions and Hobbies

I'm a writer and photographer, and occasionally freelance for local papers. I love being outdoors, hiking, and watching birds, and live with a couple of feathered friends - Owen, a Senegal parrot, and Harriet, a cockatiel who flew up to me when I was bird watching.

My Most Memorable Experience at BlueSky

So hard to decide. The best moments have been when a student I'm working with gradually - or suddenly - figures out a concept or problem and can do it on their own.


Indiana University, B.S. in Biology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduate work in biochemistry

Harvard University, M.A. in Teaching and Learning