Barbara DeGrote

by | December 14, 2018

Phone Number

(651) 202-2031

Where do you live?
I recently moved into a condo in Minneapolis. Moving to the Twin Cities from a small rural town greatly improved my driving — especially on the on-ramps! Music, art, parks and sports - it’s all here! Did you know Minneapolis has the second highest number of bicycle commuters?

Why did you become a teacher?
Something called to me. Teaching brings together all the elements that bring me joy: connecting, learning, observing, responding.  Working with students in an online environment allows for individual attention at a new level. No one gets lost in the cracks here.

Why did you choose BlueSky?
BlueSky is progressive. It’s where education is moving. I just wanted to get there first. At BlueSky, I’ve been allowed to be creative, innovative, and techie at the same time. It’s the perfect work environment although I do miss the live class discussions. Watch for me in the forums!