Class Demo

Curious how our classes work? To access our Class Demo, click on the link below. Use this login: Login ID:  ddemo     Password:  david123

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Video: Getting Started

Genius Dashboard

When you first login to the Genius system you will be taken to the Dashboard. The Dashboard provides a quick overview of your status and academic progress. You can also view upcoming events and messages sent through the system. Remember to check your dashboard each day as this is updated regularly.

1. Dashboard: Provides information you should check each day.

2. Academic Snapshot: Provides an overview of how you are doing in your classes.

3. Upcoming Events: Lets you know if there are any upcoming events such as required testing.

4. Activity: Shows the amount of time you have been working in your classes.

5. Go to Courses: This link will bring you to your classes in the Moodle learning management system.

6. Logout: Click here when you are finished.