Student Support

At BlueSky, we assign each student a three-person team of an advisor, counselor, and social worker. They, along with the Welcome and Support Team, and the team of teachers of your student's classes, provide the support your child needs to succeed.

It's important that you and your student are familiar with what our support teams do, so you know whom to turn to for different types of support. Please watch the tutorial below which describes the roles of the teams who will serve your students.

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Video Tutorial: Student Support at BlueSky

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Student Services Advisor

Your family's first line of support at BlueSky is your student's advisor, who will work with your student throughout their time at BlueSky. The home base adviser gets to know your student through weekly calls and frequent e-mails. He or she can provide you with information about your student's academic progress and engagement in classes. If you have any questions or concerns about your student's general progress at BlueSky, the advisor is the person to call first.


Our licensed counselors guide students in planning their path through school and beyond. They keep track of credits needed for graduation, and help students choose courses explore career interests and investigate colleges, universities and technical colleges, and other post-secondary learning programs.

Social Workers

At BlueSky, each student is assigned a social worker. Our licensed social workers assist students and families with school, personal, and family concerns. They also provide referrals, help connect students with resources in their own communities, and counsel students during times of crisis.


The teachers of your student's classes are in frequent touch with students and families by phone and e-mail. They are available for one-on-one help on assignments and other forms of academic support. Encourage your student to stay in touch with their teachers – to read their e-mails and answer their calls, and to let them know if they are having difficulties. We are always eager to hear from students and parents.

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