February 24, 2017

BlueSky Online School Newsletter


ACT Plus Writing
Tuesday, February 28

NWEA MAP testing
March 6 - 17

Board Meeting
March 22 @ 10 am

Mill City Museum
March 23

End Quarter 3
Friday, March 24

Spring Break
March 27 - 31

Start Quarter 4
Monday, April 3

MCA testing
April 10 - 28

Principal's Message

Thank you to all the students and families for coming to Parent/Teacher conferences this week. It is an honor to meet our families and have time to get to know you in person. With open arms, we always welcome involvement from students, parents, and guardians. If you have a great idea, would like to join one of our committees, or would like to volunteer, please give us a call. We all do better with more perspectives on our teams.

We are quickly approaching testing dates for BlueSky students. Testing is important in helping every student compare what they have learned throughout the year. Additionally, testing helps us develop better teaching practices. If you have any questions, please contact your student's advisor.

NWEA MAP testing will take place from March 6th to 17th. Students in Group Pace Language Arts and/or Math will take the tests during their live sessions. Those who do not have a Group Pace Language Arts and/or Math class will need to schedule a time to take the test. Registration for testing will be sent out next week.

MCA testing will take place on select days the weeks of April 10-21 in greater Minnesota and the week of April 24-28 at the BlueSky offices in West St. Paul. Students in grades 7, 8, 10, and 11 are required to participate in the state MCA testing. We encourage students to test over two days to avoid fatigue.

As always, remember my door, phone, and email is always open.

Renee Parcheta,
Student Services Director/Principal

Parent Connect

Did you know your student has a BlueSky email account? Every student is assigned a Google account that gives them access to Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other apps. Please encourage your student to use their BlueSky Gmail account for school if they aren't already doing so. This will be a requirement moving into the 2017-2018 school year. Watch this 2 minute tutorial on Accessing Your BlueSky Google Account for help logging in.

BlueSky Stars

"The BlueSky advisors have chosen to recognize these students for their hard work and dedication:

Sara Garagiola is nominated for her hard work, dedication, and positive attitude in school. She is a pleasure to work with and always seems to have an upbeat attitude. Sara likes spending time with family, listening to music, and going to concerts. One tip she has for students is to 'not wait until the last day to do your work. You should spread your assignments out and do a little each day.'"

- nominated by Brittney Bailey

"Savanna Smith is being nominated for her continued dedication and improvement at BlueSky. Three years ago as a 9th grader, Savanna struggled to pass and stay on pace in her classes. With courage and diligence she is now a great student, always hard working and committed to doing her best. While being a full-time student, she is also a full-time babysitter for her nephew, Leo. Savanna also likes to play piano and hangout with friends watching movies."

-nominated by Jane Craig

Summer Opportunities

It might not seem like it, but summer is right around the corner. Make sure to check our Summer Opportunities page on the BlueSky website regularly for information on summer programs and camps available to our students.

Be on the lookout for information from your counselor on summer classes at BlueSky in the next month.

Upcoming Field Trip

BlueSky students in all grades are invited to attend the field trip to Mill City Museum taking place on Thursday, March 23rd from 10:30 am - 2:00 pm. The trip will include self-guided and guided tours to explore exhibits and learning about the jobs and experiences of the mill workers. Lunch will be provided. For more information, visit this flyer. You can sign up with the link in the flyer or go to the Mill City sign-up form. Contact Chris Peterson at chris.peterson@blueskyschool.org with any questions.

2017-2018 Calendar

The calendar has been set for the 2017-2018 school year and you can find it linked on the BlueSky website. All school holidays and days off can be found on the new calendar as well as parent-teacher conferences, the first and last day or each quarter and semester, and tentative BlueSky board meetings.

Save the Date for Prom

BlueSky will be joining forces with Cyber Village Academy again this year in hosting Prom for students in grades 9-12. The date for Prom has been set for Friday, May 5th and will be held in St. Paul. Megan Hollenkamp will be reaching out to students who expressed an interest in helping with planning in the next few weeks. Please contact her at mhollenkamp@blueskyschool.org if you have any questions or would like to help out.

Who Am I?

Students in 9th grade English were asked to write a paragraph about themselves that went beyond the obvious. Here are some of their unique descriptions. Each sentence was written by a different student.

Who Am I?
I was born in Russia, and my parents adopted me when I was two. I use music and writing to escape reality. I also make short movies that I put on YouTube. I absolutely love to collect Anime figures; I don't have many though, but I have a few and they’re my favorite. China was where I was born and adopted by my loving parents today. Although I have gone back to the country I was born, I don’t really enjoy being there. I have 15 goats, 8 rabbits, 2 dogs, a horse, and a llama named Mr T. What I like to do in my spare time is play on the guitar and play video games. I am a patron of the classical arts, and the one thing I cannot stand is pop culture. Out of all the fifty states, I’ve visited twenty-one of them, if you count Minnesota. I love animals, but my favorite are dogs; for a first job I really want to work at a pet resort for dogs or something of that nature like Petsmart or Ruffs. I have a dog named Bacon because when I adopted him he was so skinny and needed to eat some bacon. I have had nine cats: Toby, Dutch, Junior, Mac Daddy, Pearl, Midnight, Chief, Goldie and Festes; all of these animals didn’t have a home or they were starving, so my dad took them home with him on his way from work. I’ve been riding for 5 years now, and own two horses. I do speed events like barrel racing where I am running as fast as I can on my horse around three barrels. I love working on computers and I find them complex, and putting the pieces together and making the computer run satisfies me. I love to play sports, but my most favorite sport is football. I love playing video games, and I still play Call of Duty competitively. My whole life has always revolved around electronics since I was a young boy. Going beyond appearance, I am intelligent, bright, thoughtful, loving, genuine, respectful, endearing, and motivated. I am a stubborn 14 year old kid who loves to draw a variety of things like: landscapes to monsters to Anime.

Spring Conferences

Thank you to all the students and families that took the time to attend our spring conferences on February 22nd. Most of our students travel from around the Metro or close by, but we had two different students that traveled 200+ miles! We appreciate the effort everyone makes to meet with our staff.

Congrats to the prize winners from our drawing: Samantha Imholte, Laura Grimm, Samantha Boie, Hosanna Nix, Lydia Zeipelt, and Liam Hanley.

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