Parents and Guardians
Orientation and Resources

The information below includes  Orientation Tutorials, BlueSky Newsletters, and Resources, all to help you support your student. 

Parent/Guardian Orientation Tutorials

Below you will find links to video tutorials and other information that will help you support your student.  The tutorials will help you navigate BlueSky's support, information, and learning systems.  You will learn how to monitor your student's progress and to whom to go for help. 

Tutorials for Students - Included in Student Orientation Lessons
(Parents who wish to help students in these areas might view these


 Monthly Newsletters

Here is the most recent issue of our monthly Newsletter, and an archive of past newsletters. 


Dealing with Stress
Helping Children Cope in Unsettling Times
Depression in Children and Adolescents
Bullies and Victims
Homework - A Guide for Parents
Keeping Children Safe on the Internet
Mood Disorders