These are tests in reading, mathematics & writing that students who entered grade 8 in 2004-05 or earlier must pass to receive a diploma from a public high school. The reading & mathematics tests were first administered to these students in grade 8 & the writing test in grade 10. Students can re-take any of these tests twice each year & three times in grade12 grade.
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These are the state tests that fulfill Minnesota's high school graduation requirement for students who first entered grade 8 in 2005-06 or later. These tests measure student performance on essential skills in Writing, Reading & Mathematics for success in the 21st century.  If a student does not satisfy the graduation requirement for an assessment during the first administration, there will be retest opportunities available.
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This is the more popular of the two college admission tests used in the United States. It consists of 4 areas (reading, science, math, and English) with an optional writing portion. Check with perspective colleges to see if the writing option is required for admission. Students must register in advance & can do so online.  The school code for BlueSky Charter School is 242-228.
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The Accuplacer is used as a placement test for many of the two year colleges.
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This test is the other of the two admissions tests used by four year colleges & universities. You can register for it by visiting the website. Often times when students are required to take the SAT separate subject tests are also required.  The school code for BlueSky Charter School is 242-228.
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This test is a timed multi-aptitude test developed and given by the Department of Defense. If you are interested in taking the ASVAB, contact your counselor or a military representative.
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