PSEO is a state program for sophomores*, juniors and seniors that gives students an opportunity to complete high school requirements by taking courses at a participating college or university. Students can earn both high school and college credit for courses taken.

Students have a chance through PSEO to take advanced-level courses and other courses that may or may not be offered at BlueSky. PSEO students are not permitted to take courses that are not considered to be college level, such as developmental and remedial courses.

*In 2012, new legislation (Minn. Stat. § 124D.09), was passed that allows eligible 10th-grade students to enroll initially in one Career and Technical Education (CTE) course through PSEO. If the student earns a “C” or higher grade in this first course, she/he is eligible to take additional CTE courses while in 10th grade. In order to be eligible, a 10th-grade student must have taken the 8th-grade MCA reading test in the 8th-grade, and have met the composite proficiency level of “meets or exceeds”.

If the student meets this standard, and if they meet specific CTE course eligibility requirements and prerequisites set by the institution, they may be eligible to enroll in Career and Technical Education PSEO courses. This Grade 10 option is only open to Minnesota public school students. View the MNSCU policy and procedures for PSEO.

Many two- and four-year colleges and universities in Minnesota offer online courses and some of them offer online degrees and certificates. Through the wide array of online courses offered in Minnesota higher education, it is possible for PSEO students in our state to complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum requirements and/or other courses that could result in an award in addition to their high school diploma.

For more information, please contact your school counselor.