Career Academies

Starting for the 2016-17 school year BlueSky is offering the opportunity for students to enhance their career development by offering elective curriculum in an academy format. Students are not required to participate in the academies, but many will find the model useful in schedule planning and career preparation and exploration. Upon successful completion of one or more Career Academies, students will receive a diploma seal and green cord in recognition at graduation.

Health Career Academy (1.5 credits)

  • Health Careers (0.5 cr.)

Electives (at least 1.0 credits of the following)

  • Nursing Assistant Certification (1.25 cr.) (Contact your counselor for more information)
  • Nutrition and Wellness (0.5 cr.)
  • Psychology (0.5 cr.)

Business Career Academy (1.5 credits)

  • Career Exploration (0.5 cr.) OR
  • Personal Finance (0.5 cr.)

Electives (at least 1.0 credits of the following)

  • Accounting I (0.5 cr.)
  • Computer Applications I (0.5 cr.)
  • Computer Applications II (0.5 cr.)
  • Entrepreneurship (0.5 cr.)*

Visual Communications Career Academy (1.5 credits)
Required (at least 1.5 credits of the following)

  • Art Appreciation (0.5 cr.)
  • Introduction to Visual Communications (0.5 cr.)
  • Graphic Design (0.5 cr.)
  • Digital Photography (0.5 cr.)

Fine Arts Career Academy (1.5 credits)

  • Art Appreciation (0.5 cr.)

Electives (at least 1.0 credits of the following)

  • Modern Art (0.5 cr.)
  • Cross Cultural Art Project (0.5 cr.)
  • Made in China (0.5 cr.)
  • Digital Photography (0.5 cr.)

Music Career Academy (1.5 credits)

  • Music Appreciation (0.5)

Electives (at least 1.0 credits of the following)

  • World Music (0.5 cr.)
  • Music Lessons (0.5 cr. per semester/can be repeated)
  • Songwriting & Music Production (0.5 cr.)

Culinary Arts Career Academy (1.5 credits)

  • Culinary Arts I/II (1.0 cr.)

Electives (must select one of the following)

  • Hospitality (0.5 cr.)*
  • Accounting I (0.5 cr.)
    recommended for those who wish to start their own business/manage a restaurant

World Language Career Academy (3.0 credits)

  • Language I (1.0 cr.)
  • Language II (1.0 cr.)
  • Language III (1.0 cr.)

*not currently offered for 2016-2017 school year but will be offered in the future

Minimum Requirements

  • Each academy must have at least 1.5 credits earned
  • At least 1.0 credits from BlueSky, may include PSEO alternative course
  • Students must have a 3.0 or higher GPA within the Career Academy

And one of the following:

  • Composite score of 18 or higher on the ACT or ACT Plus Writing
  • Meets or Exceeds on both Reading and Math MCA tests
  • College level placement in Reading Accuplacer and minimum Algebra placed on Math
  • Career certificate NCRC Silver or Higher - ACT WorkKeys
    • The WorkKeys assessment is available at MN WorkForce Centers