BlueSky Counselor's Corner

Welcome! At the BlueSky Counselor's Corner, you will find a library of information to help guide you on your path through BlueSky and beyond. Use the links to the left to find information and resources that will help you at BlueSky and to explore possibilities for your future.

Your counselor is eager to help you chart your course through school and life! He or she will check in with you often and make sure you're on track for graduation. Your counselor will  help you be successful  – see the links below for the ways your counselor will support you.

Your counselor has also set up an “Online Career Center,” which can be found below your course list. It is under the heading “Student Support Term.” Your counselor will help you with that and ask you to complete specific tasks appropriate for your grade level.

And that's not all counselors do! The links below will help you figure out who's your counselor, learn more about them, and learn what they can do for you.

 Meet Our Counselors                What Do Counselors Do?

What Do Counselors Do?

School counselors help students evaluate their abilities, interests, talents, and personalities to develop realistic academic and career goals. Counselors talk with students, use interest and aptitude assessment tests and other methods to evaluate and advise students. They also provide career information and career education opportunities, including the Online Career Center that you can find in your list of courses.

School Counselors also advise students regarding college majors, admission requirements, entrance exams, financial aid, trade or technical schools, and apprenticeship programs. They help students develop job search skills, such as resume writing and interviewing techniques.

And that's not all. School counselors can assist with personal, family, educational, mental health, and career problems. They can help students to understand and deal with social, behavioral, and personal problems. Through counseling students, they can provide them with the life skills needed to deal with problems and enhance students' personal, social, and academic growth.