Middle School Electives


Art 7/8 GP

Journey through time and place while examining some of the greatest masterpieces created. In this course, students will explore world regions and study the unique art and architecture that defines the Medieval and Renaissance periods. From Leonardo da Vinci to the Taj Mahal, participants will learn the fundamental concepts of art, how to look at and evaluate art, and the intended function of art museums through hands-on activities, discussions, written assignments, and objective assessments.

Behind the Music GP

How do instruments work? What makes that tune stop you in your tracks? Students will study music through the ages learning about Classical, Jazz, movie music, and more. Daily activities will include listening and responding to music, and the study of basic music theory. Requires media player & ability to hear sound on computer.

Career Exploration 8 GP

It is never too early to begin thinking about what you want to do after you graduate from high school!  Eighth grade is a great time to begin exploring careers to find out what might be a good career match for you.  Students will create an electronic student portfolio, complete a career interest assessment, study the career clusters to identify a career cluster of interest, build a course plan for 9th-12th grade, and create a final project about their desired career.

Intro to Art & Technology GP

In this course, students will explore basic art fundamentals through the use of technology. Students will learn the connection between art and technology and incorporate technical skills in the development and creation of various forms of artwork. Participants will learn the fundamental concepts of art, how to look at and evaluate art, and the intended function of art through hands-on activities, discussions, written assignments, and objective assessments.

Keyboarding 7/8 GP

This is an intensive course that teaches beginners how to type and experienced typists to increase their speed.  Alphabetic keys, punctuation, numbers and symbols are covered in this course.  Timing drills include 15-second, 30-second, and 1 to 5 minute timings. Students are expected to leave this course with the ability to type at least 30 words per minute.

Music Lessons 7/8 GP

Want an opportunity to continue learning an instrument at school? We will work together, one on one, to learn about how to play your instrument better and work on improving your playing skills. Regular activities will include a weekly webcam lesson, recording a weekly playing assignment, and short written activities. Enrollment is limited, so inquire soon! Requires webcam & musical instrument (not including voice or piano). This course is offered as a 1/2 block course.

Spanish 7/8 GP

Spanish 7/8 A is a precursor course for Spanish I A. Students will be introduced to Spanish vocabulary, focusing on greetings and farewells, family life, numbers and money, everyday life, leisure time, and travel. Culture from various Spanish speaking countries will also be studied.

Stomping & Stepping GP

How many percussion instruments are there? What influence or involvement have they had on history in different countries? This class includes listening and analyzing musical examples of percussion instruments from the drum set to the piano. Students will study different musical styles from marching bands to jazz music and how percussion affects history and culture. Students will learn to read rhythms and possibly musical notes, write and perform their own musical songs, and build their own musical instrument. Requires a media player and the ability to hear sound on your computer.

Other Options

Students looking for other options may enroll in high school elective courses with the exception of our Career and Technical (CTE) courses. Contact your counselor for more information.


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