BlueSky Online School Courses

BlueSky’s creative, teacher-designed middle school courses meet all Minnesota state standards. The teachers at BlueSky Online School recognize the challenges of online schooling for younger students, and provide the structure and support that middle school students need to succeed.

High-interest courses tailored for grades 7 and 8 prepare students for high school study in the core subject areas. Engaging electives allow middle school students to explore their interests beyond the required subjects.

Middle School Program

In both 7th and 8th grade, BlueSky students take a full-year course in each of the four core subjects: language arts, math, science, and social studies. A half-year of health and physical education and three semester-long electives each year round out middle school students’ schedule.

High School Courses

The high-quality, high-interest courses at BlueSky are designed by our licensed teachers with the needs of our students in mind. Our teachers use innovative, creative methods to bring the best possible education to BlueSky students and provide the one-on-one attention that they need to succeed.

Learn about college-level options available through BlueSky.

Graduation Requirements

The BlueSky high school curriculum meets Minnesota state standards and satisfies all state requirements for a high school diploma. See the course catalog for specific graduation requirements.

College-Level Options

BlueSky juniors and seniors can earn both college credit and BlueSky credit through the state Post Secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO), through which juniors and seniors can enroll in classes at participating Minnesota colleges and universities.

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BlueSky also offers articulated courses. Articulated College Credit is an agreement between one or more high schools and one or more colleges and universities to accept a high school course taught by a high school teacher as a course equivalence or partial course equivalence to a college course where the college or university has substantially similar curriculum. The parameters of the course articulation are determined by the college or university accepting the high school course, student grade and the credits may be determined to be eligible to serve as a required course or as an elective course within a technical degree pathway. These credits do not count towards the MnSCU residency policy and are not intended to transfer to other institutions which are not part of the articulation agreement.

Student Support

Offering high-quality, high-interest classes is just the first step at BlueSky.

Each student enjoys one-on-one attention from teachers that is unmatched at other online schools. BlueSky students can expect frequent communication with their teachers, who offer assistance, assessment and encouragement through phone calls, e-mails, text messages and online chats.

In addition to extensive interaction with the teachers of their courses, each student is assigned a three-person team of caring professionals who support the student academically and personally throughout their time at BlueSky.

For students with special learning needs, BlueSky’s experienced special education teachers provide quality direct services for each student. With low student-to-teacher ratios, our special education staff meets each of our students’ individual educational needs.

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