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The curriculum for grades 7-12 at BlueSky features creative, engaging classes that meet or exceed all state standards and satisfy requirements for a Minnesota high school diploma. All BlueSky courses are taught by Minnesota licensed teachers and will transfer to other Minnesota public school districts.

BlueSky Course catalog 2017-2018

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BlueSky uses so many tools out there. They're mixing multimedia in such interesting ways. I listen to videos. I have created videos. There's email, Skype calls, and video chats. - Molly

Program Options

BlueSky has two course options to better meet the diverse learning needs of our students! Read below about our Group Pace courses and My Pace courses and about how you can decide which type is right for you.

Group Pace Courses

Group Pace courses are designed to create a highly interactive community of learners. Students will have frequent opportunities interaction with their peers in live, collaborative learning environments.

In Group Pace classes, students will be expected to attend one or more live online sessions each week and stay on pace with their work. This will allow all the students in the class to be familiar with the same content at the same time, allowing more productive discussions, collaborative projects, and other interactive activities.

My Pace Courses

My Pace courses are designed for students needing a highly flexible schedule. These courses feature self-paced, independent work. Many of these courses also offer flex scheduling with variable start and end dates, allowing for students to create a highly individualized learning experience. My Pace courses are also a great choice for students looking for a credit recovery option. BlueSky staff provide a high level of support to students taking My Pace Courses, helping them pace and structure their weekly assignment completion. My Pace courses are best designed for students who have the self-discipline to devote significant time to their school work, and who will work regularly so that they do not fall behind.

Should I Choose Group Pace or My Pace classes?

If you think you would benefit from more structure and guidance in terms of work completion, and if you are eager to have more interactions with classmates and your teacher, the Group Pace classes are for you.

  • All middle school students will be taking Group Pace courses.
  • High school students will have the option of choosing either all Group Pace or all My Pace courses, or both types of courses in their schedule.
  • Ninth graders will automatically be enrolled in Group Pace courses unless otherwise requested.
  • 10th graders are especially encouraged to consider Group Pace courses.
  • Credit recovery courses will be My Pace courses.

Your counselor can help you decide which type of courses to register for.

Course Demo

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