BlueSky uses so many tools out there. They're mixing multimedia in such interesting ways. I listen to videos. I have created videos. There’s email, Skype calls, and video chats. - Molly

BlueSky Courses

BlueSky staff focus on each student's unique needs. When you enroll with BlueSky, you are paired with a three-person team of caring professionals chosen to support your goals. Your home base advisor, counselor and social worker will ensure that you always have help and a support system at your fingertips.

The curriculum for grades 7-12 at BlueSky features creative, engaging classes that meet or exceed all state standards and satisfy requirements for a Minnesota high school diploma. All BlueSky courses are taught by Minnesota licensed teachers and will transfer to other Minnesota public school districts.

Group Pace and My Pace Courses

Beginning in the 2014-15 school year BlueSky will be adding a new Group Pace program. The vision of this program is to create a synchronous program that will utilize highly engaging, group paced instructional strategies. Through live classroom instruction and interactive online instruction student will be immersed in a vibrant online community of learners. Students in Group Pace courses will be required to attend live classroom sessions each week and will interact frequently with their peers. Group Pace courses are denoted by having ‘GP’ in the course name.

Our other online program will also be undergoing some changes for the 2014-15 school year and will now be called the My Pace program. The vision of this asynchronous program is to utilize highly engaging, self-paced, competency-based instruction. Through dynamic scheduling and innovative instructional practices students will be immersed in a highly individualized learning experience. Students in need of credit recovery should enroll in the My Pace courses.

Students will be able to take courses from both programs. Please talk to your counselor about which courses to register for.

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