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BlueSky's highly personal, one-on-one approach to online schooling is unmatched by other Minnesota online high schools. At BlueSky, we know that each student has their own particular learning style, life circumstances, and family situation. We help our students achieve their academic and personal goals by making sure we meet their unique needs.

Our Three-Person Support Teams

BlueSky students can expect frequent communication with the teachers of their classes. In addition, each student is assigned a three-person team of caring professionals who support the student academically and personally throughout their time at BlueSky. Student-to-support team ratios are kept low so that we can provide the individualized attention our students need to be successful.

Advisor | Counselor | Social Worker

Special Education Services

Students on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are assigned an advisor, a special education teacher providing high-quality direct services and support. With low student-to-teacher ratios, our special education staff is able to address each student's individual educational needs.

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From enrollment through graduation, a student's advisor is their first line of support for academic and personal challenges and concerns.

Advisors get to know their students and families through frequent phone calls, e-mails and other communication. Advisors monitor and support students' academic progress, act as an advocate for students, and keep students informed about deadlines, events, and any BlueSky requirements or expectations.

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Licensed School Counselor

Our licensed counselors guide students in planning for both their time at BlueSky and for the transitions that will follow. They ensure students are on the right academic track toward graduation, and that they're meeting other personal goals and credit needs. Checking in regularly with students, BlueSky counselors provide guidance and resources for exploring life goals and career interests. And they help students investigate colleges, universities and technical colleges, including online institutions.

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Licensed Social Worker

Our licensed social workers assist students with common school concerns, including motivation, goal-setting, and attendance. They also help students deal with personal or family issues that cause stress or concern, including mental health issues, substance abuse problems, and grief and loss. Our social workers can provide referrals, help connect students with resources in their own communities, and counsel students during times of crisis.

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