heidi_kelbel.jpgHeidi Kelbel

Math Teacher


Where do you live?

I live in a small town in Northern Wisconsin with my husband and sons.

Why did you become a teacher?

I became a teacher because I love math and I love working with people.

BlueSky is a great place for students who need more flexibility and support in their schooling.

Why did you choose BlueSky?

I taught at an alternative school in St. Paul for four years and I loved working there because it was so flexible and the staff did so much to help students. BlueSky is a lot like that in the sense that the staff is so willing to do whatever they can to help. That is why I chose to work at BlueSky. I love working with a staff that is hard working and dedicated to helping students! Also, working online was a great new challenge for me.

What do you think makes BlueSky special?

BlueSky is a great school for students who want more flexibility in their school schedule. Students can work at all hours of the night and on weekends if they need or want to. This is a great benefit for many students who work or have busy schedules outside of school. Although BlueSky is a virtual school, the staff here is very “hands on.” We are always willing to do whatever we can to help students succeed. We communicate with students a lot and make sure that we are doing everything we can to help.

What do you like to do when you're not teaching?

When I am not teaching, I like to spend time with my friends and family. I have two sons that keep my very busy! I enjoy playing games, reading, watching movies, and playing sand volleyball.

If there were one thing you could tell people about BlueSky Online School, what would it be?

This is one of the best places that I have ever worked. BlueSky is a great place for students who need more flexibility and support in their schooling.


  • B.S., Secondary Mathematics Education, Winona State University
  • Minnesota Teaching License: 5–12 Mathematics