david_bjorklund.jpgDavid J. Bjorklund

Science Teacher


Where do you live?

I live in Park Rapids, which is in Northwest Minnesota.

Why did you become a teacher?

I became a teacher because I wanted to work in the sciences, but didn't like the idea of being stuck in a lab all day. I also wanted to work around a variety of people and do different things everyday.

BlueSky's philosophy revolves around student contact.

Why did you choose BlueSky?

I chose to take a leave of absence from a very stable teaching job in a traditional classroom because I wanted to work on the cutting edge of education. Education hasn't changed much in 150 years. The Internet has the potential to completely change education in the next few years. No longer do we need to submit to or accept the doctrine, content and ideas of a few select, elite individuals that choose curriculum. The Internet has given students and parents the opportunity to choose classes and content that suit the needs of that particular student.

What do you think makes BlueSky special?

BlueSky stands above the other online schools for two reasons. First, BlueSky staff create their own courses and are, therefore, more engaged in the content and delivery of their courses. Second, BlueSky's philosophy revolves around student contact. No other online school offers the same availability of teachers, counselors and social workers as BlueSky Online School.

What do you like to do when you're not working at BlueSky?

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a wife and three kids who keep me really busy. I also enjoy swimming, bicycling and running in order to train for triathlons.

If there were one thing you could tell people about BlueSky, what would it be?

I would say how wonderful, energetic, caring and creative the staff is here. While I have seen some excellent teachers in the past, I have never seen such a large collection of excellent staff all in the same school.


  • B.A., Bemidji State University
  • B.S., Life Science 7-12, St. Cloud State University
  • B.S., General Science 5-9, St. Cloud State University
  • Minnesota Teaching Licenses: 7-12 Life Science; 5-9 General Science