karen kracoKaren Kraco

Student Services Advisor/Science Teacher


Where do you live?

Northeast Minneapolis

Why did you become a teacher?

I became a teacher many years ago because I loved biology and wanted to help students understand the amazing structure and function of living things. Over the years, I also came to understand the astonishing composition and behavior of the non-living world and how all sciences are intertwined. I also learned the fact that to teach well, I must get to know my students well. Thus I love that I can be both a chemistry teacher and an advisor.

Why did you choose BlueSky?

This is my third time back at the school, and I hope I'm here to stay this time! I have tried other teaching settings but none are as satisfying. The chance to give students so much individual attention and to work with a team of educators who work together to help our students succeed - I really appreciate those aspects of our school.

What do you think makes BlueSky special?

Our amazing students. They come from all different types of life and academic situations, and they can and do succeed here, through very hard work and through taking advantage of all that BlueSky has to offer - personalized attention; dedicated teachers, counselors, advisors, social workers; and flexible hours for tackling school work.

What do you like to do when you're not teaching?

I spend time with friends and family, write for a community newspaper, practic jazz piano, hike, bike, and watch birds, both in nature and indoors - I live with Harriet Alexander, a cockatiel, and Owen, a Senegal parrot.


  • B.S., Biology: Indiana University
  • Graduate work, Biology: M.I.T.
  • M.Ed., Teaching: Harvard University
  • Minnesota Teaching License: Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics (9-12)