The teachers at BlueSky are great to communicate with. They are available in every different media you can imagine. I can text them, I can call them, I can Skype them online, I can email them.– Molly

Meet Our Staff

The staff of BlueSky Online School are exceptional, experienced educators. Like our students, we live in nearly every region of Minnesota. We have come together to produce a leading online high school curriculum and to create the premier online school model for supporting student growth and success.

Our Student Support Teams

In addition to the personalized academic instruction received in each class, each student at BlueSky Online School is supported by a three-person team of caring professionals: an advisor, a counselor, and a social worker. Special Education students also will be assigned a case manager for additional support  These three or four staff members work one-on-one with the student throughout their time at BlueSky.

Our Teachers

Our licensed teachers design engaging, life-relevant classes that meet state standards. We seek the best and most creative ways to foster student success in a virtual environment and are in constant communication with our students.

Meet Our Teachers

Our Student Support Advisors

Our advisors are  here to support and guide you throughout your time at BlueSky. They're . your main go-to person. They'll check in regularly with you and your family,  monitor your overall progress and assignment completion, connect you with BlueSky resources, and help you navigate our systems and get the assistance you need to soar! 

Meet Our Advisors

Our Counselors

Our licensed counselors guide students in planning their path through school and beyond. They provide guidance and resources for exploring career interests and investigating post-secondary options.  

Meet Our Counselors

Our Social Workers

Our licensed social workers assist students with school concerns, such as motivation, goal-setting, and attendance. They also help students deal with personal or family issues that cause stress or concern, and can connect students with resources in their own communities.

Meet Our Social Workers

Our Leadership Team

Our BlueSky leadership team is committed to the BlueSky model of a highly personalized online education. Our trio of administrators provide vision and direction for our school and supervise and support the BlueSky staff.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Support Staff

Even though we are a virtual school, we have very real needs. Our staff members who provide financial management, administrative, and technology support are the backbone of BlueSky and are committed to making sure that everything runs smoothly for the school and its students.

Meet Our Support Staff