BlueSky Online School Background

Quick Facts

  • BlueSky Online School was founded in 2000, becoming Minnesota's first 100% online charter school
  • BlueSky is a free, public school open to Minnesota students in grades 7 - 12
  • The first graduating class in 2005 contained 17 students
  • The BlueSky class of 2010 graduated 162 students
  • Graduating students receive a Minnesota state-approved high school diploma
  • BlueSky's proven model of online education is continuously refined and improved, including an all-new curriculum for the 2010-2011 school year
  • Because of the unique student body, enrollment fluctuates throughout the year
  • For the 2010-2011 school year, more than 600 students are enrolled

Unique Model

  • Upon admission, each student is paired with a ‘home base' teacher, a counselor and a social worker. This three-person team works with the student until they graduate, providing continuity and support throughout the student's education. It also ensures that any special needs the student might have are addressed.
  • Parents receive weekly updates by phone from their student's teachers. They also can contact their child's teacher any time for an update on their student's progress and achievements.
  • Students do their work on a computer via the internet and can access their classes any time, 24/7. Optional field trips and activities also take place.
  • Teachers are professionally trained and state-licensed, use multi-media teaching techniques, and help students plan for education after high school.
  • Teachers communicate regularly with students by telephone, email, SKYPE and other multi-media channels to ensure each student receives the support and guidance they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BlueSky Online School a "real" school?

Yes. BlueSky Online School is a "real," free, Minnesota public school with a state-approved curriculum. BlueSky Online School is open to all Minnesota students in grades 7-12.

How is BlueSky different from traditional high school?

BlueSky students do all of their schoolwork via a computer and the internet. They can access their assignments anytime, 24/7, from anywhere that has an internet connection. BlueSky uses a state approved curriculum, but is also able to add multi-media teaching techniques to offer students unique experience with state of the art communications and production media.

Where are BlueSky teachers located, and how much do they interact with students?

BlueSky teachers are professionally trained and state-licensed and are located throughout Minnesota, just like their students. BlueSky teachers, counselors and social workers all interact frequently with students via phone, email, SKYPE and other multi-media channels to ensure each student gets the support and guidance they need to be successful.

Who is the "typical" BlueSky student?

There is no "typical" BlueSky student. Students come from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, and socioeconomic status and have different reasons for needing the flexibility and personalized attention of an online education.

Is BlueSky Online School recruiting students away from their home school districts?

BlueSky Online School is not seeking to lure students who have been successful in traditional schools away from their home districts! Many BlueSky students are students who have personal circumstances or unique needs that make attending a brick-and-mortar school difficult or even impossible. For example, some of our students are elite athletes training for high-level competition; others must work because of their family's financial situation; some are dealing with serious health issues. Some of our students would not be in school at all if it weren't for online schooling. We are simply providing such students with another, more flexible option for a high-quality education.

Can a student at BlueSky attend college, university or technical school through the Post Secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO)?

Yes. Students doing high-quality work are encouraged to apply to the state PSEO program and earn college credit while obtaining their high school diploma. BlueSky Online School also offers online college-level courses through a partnership with Rasmussen College. BlueSky counselors also help students investigate colleges, universities and technical colleges to continue their education after graduating from BlueSky.

Do students receive a high school diploma or a GED when they graduate from BlueSky?

Students graduating from BlueSky Online School receive a state-approved high school diploma.

General Information

BlueSky Online School
33 Wentworth Ave. E  Suite 100
West St. Paul, MN 55118
Office: 651-642-0888
Fax: 651-642-0435



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