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BlueSky Online School has a story to tell: Our free, flexible, quality education meets our students' unique needs. And our story is spreading throughout the state!

BlueSky Response to Inver Hills Nursing Investigation
Please click the link above to view BlueSky's responses to the MDH investigation of Inver Hills from December 2015.

May 2014 Parent Newsletter: Strategic Plan and Upcoming Events
Please click the link above to download the May 2014 Parent Newsletter and learn more about upcoming events!

Public charter BlueSky Online achieves kudos and formal accreditation  
MINNPOST News Release By Beth Hawkins, April 29th, 2013

The good news just keeps coming at BlueSky Online high school's bricks-and-mortar headquarters in West St. Paul. Enrollment is up, a new digital career and technical education program is getting rave reviews, and 120 seniors are on course to graduate in June.

Oh, yeah — and praising the school's “powerful practices,” a team of outside evaluators from the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement has granted the program formal accreditation. For the FULL story, click HERE.

BlueSky Earns NCA CASI Accreditation: New Strategies Include Minnesota's First Work-Based Learning Program for Online Students  
BlueSky Online School News Release, April 15th, 2013
BlueSky Online School today announced it has earned a five-year accreditation from the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), recognized across the country as demonstrating a focus on developing lifelong learners and a culture of continuous improvement — significant as students move on to careers or higher education.

Judge Recommends Department of Education's Termination of BlueSky's Contract be 'Recinded and the matter Dismissed'  
BlueSky Online School News Release, November 23, 2011
Based on the evidence and exper testimony received during the three-day September hearing, the judge found no "major" or "repeated" violations of the law. The judge also found errors in the department's evaluation of graduation credits. He expressed concern over the lack of certainty and clarity for the process to be fair. (The link above takes you to BlueSky's news release and response to the judge's recommendation. For the complete findings of fact and conclusions of law, click here.)

BlueSky Hearing on Standards Compliance Set for Sept. 26-28;  Students, Parents and Concerned Citizens and Educators Encouraged to Attend 
BlueSky Online School Q&A, September 15, 2011
BlueSky school administrators will finally be given the opportunity to present and explain documentation supporting the school's alignment to state standards before an administrative law judge on September 26th, 27th, and 28th. For more detailed information regarding the hearing location, date and time, as well as an explanation of the issue, click the headline above for a question and answer document.

BlueSky Enters Into New One-year Contract with Authorizer; MDE Rquests Continuance on hearing Regarding School's Compliance
BlueSky Online School News Release, June 24, 2011
Novation Education Opportunities (NEO) awards contract following extensive independent review of the school's curriculum, operating procedures and graduation policies and practices.

Computing to school; online schools gain in popularity
Twin Cities Daily Planet, April 26, 2011
Jess Hadler, of Minneapolis, is a senior at BlueSky Online School - the first charter school to offer full-time online enrollment in Minnesota in 2000. Hadler enrolled during winter break of her freshmen year because of her motocross career, which forced her to miss a lot of school.

Hadler's former school wouldn't give her homework in advance, which forced her to constantly play catch up. "I love online school because it is very flexible ... The positive things are that I can do it on my own time and don't have to sit in classroom," she said.

Customizing Student learning Through Online Education

Star Tribune: Your Voices, February 18, 2011
Having served as many as 900 students per year, BlueSky Online School is one of the largest online charter school in Minnesota. As a 100% online school, it has pioneered quality online education tailored to students' unique needs.

New Learning Management System Enables BlueSky to Aid Students Based on Real-time Engagement Data
BlueSky Online School News Release, February 15, 2011
New LMS enables increased insight into student progress and greater teacher and staff efficiency.

Career K-12 Administrator to Lead BlueSky Online School
BlueSky Online School News Release, November 29, 2010
Don Hainlen praises online charter school's curriculum changes and advanced technology-based educational approach, expresses confidence school meets state standards.

The Virtual Classroom: Online schools provide alternative learning environment
Pipestone County Star Online, November 26, 2009
BlueSky student Jenna Raaf, graduate Ashley Gawerecki, and Spanish teacher Leasa Kulm are featured.

Open House for Online High School
Austin Daily Herald, November 10, 2009

OnLine Learning on the Rise for High Schoolers
KEYC TV, Mankato, November 9, 2009

Education Without the Classroom
BlueSky graduate Tia Hodenfeld shares her BlueSky experience in a video clip that also features BlueSky counselor Carla Anderson-Diekmann.
KAAL TV, Austin, August 31, 2009

BlueSky Charter School: Staying in School – Online
Teenage moms find BlueSky Charter School provides the flexibility and motivation they need.
Star Tribune, December 3, 2008