BlueSky Online School Board of Directors

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BlueSky Charter School Authorizer:

Novation Education Opportunities



Board of Directors

Paula Forbes, Seat A: Community Member, April 30, 2015 l

Andrea Michels, Seat B: Teacher Member, April 30, 2015 l

OPEN, Seat C: Parent Member, April 30, 2016 l 

OPEN,  Seat D: Teacher Member, 2014-2016 | 

Leah Sickmann, Vice Chair, Seat E: Teacher Member, April 30, 2015|

Julie Johnson, Secretary, Seat F: Teacher Member, April 30, 2016 |

Jim Stocco, Chair, Seat G: Community Member, April 30, 2016 l


All BlueSky board meetings are held at our office

Wentworth Center
Suite 100
33 East Wentworth Avenue
West Saint Paul, MN 55118