BlueSky Online School Board of Directors

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The Process and Candidates

BlueSky Online School Board elections were held this year through an automated email ballot process using Survey Monkey. The ballot was sent out Monday, May 1, 2017 to BlueSky staff and parents/guardians. Each BlueSky staff member and each parent/guardian of a BlueSky student was entitled to one vote and had until 9:00 am on May 8th to submit their ballot.

The Results

The election ballots were tabulated with an approximate participation rate of 12.6%. The results are as follows:

(Returning) Paula Forbes, Seat A: Required Community Member 2017-2019
(Returning) Matthew Schempp, Seat B: Required Teacher Member 2017-2019
(Returning) Judy Pekarek, Seat E: Community Member 2017-2019

Congratulations to these new BlueSky Board members who were officially seated at the May 24th, 2017 meeting.

Board of Directors

Board Roster and Contact Information

Paula Forbes, Seat A: Community Member, 2017-2019 |

Matthew Schempp, Seat B: Teacher Member, 2017-2019 |

Jami St. Marie, Seat C: Parent Member, 2016-2018|

Heidi Kelbel, Seat D: Teacher Member, 2016-2018 |

Judy Pekarek, Seat E: Community Member, 2017-2019 |

Julie Johnson, Secretary, Seat F: Teacher Member, 2016-2018 |

Jim Stocco, Chair, Seat G: Community Member, 2016-2018 l

All BlueSky board meetings are held at our office

Wentworth Center
Suite 100
33 East Wentworth Avenue
West Saint Paul, MN 55118

Next Board Election - May 2018

Additional information regarding board membership and the election process can also be found here:

Board Position Description
Board Candidate Questionnaire
Board Election Process