BlueSky Online School:

an Accredited Minnesota Virtual High School and Middle School

BlueSky Online School Vision:

BlueSky is defining education for the 21st century by creating an individualized, dynamic education for all students. We are committed to empowering our community by facilitating relevant learning, skills, hopes and relationships.

BlueSky Online School Mission:

Bringing quality online education and diverse learners together.

BlueSky Online School is one of Minnesota's first virtual schools serving students in grades 7-12. Our unique personal approach to online learning is unmatched by other schools. Our three-person teams of caring professionals offer students the support and one-on-one attention they need to succeed.

  • There is no “typical” BlueSky student. BlueSky students come from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. All have different reasons for needing the flexibility and personalized attention of an online education.
  • High-quality educators. BlueSky teachers, counselors and social workers continually strive to engage students in learning. We meet the unique needs of each student through constant communication and encouragement. Students are in frequent communication with teachers via phone, e-mail, text messages, and online chats.
  • Individualized learning programs. Students, staff and parents work together to select a program that works best for each individual's learning style, skill level, grade level and credit requirements. The program can be uniquely tailored to each student's interests and personal needs.
  • Flexible and convenient. With access to learning resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, students are free to work during their most productive learning hours, conveniently from home or any location that has Internet access.
  • Free to all Minnesota residents. BlueSky is a statewide public school, free to all students in grades 7–12 throughout Minnesota.
  • College, right around the corner. At BlueSky, students can get a head start on college credits through online college-level courses or through the state PSEO program. Our licensed counselors guide students as they investigate colleges and universities to continue their education after graduating from BlueSky.

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